Girl with balloonsWe had a very positive parent teacher conference, like the first one in a long time. M’s scores in reading started moving in the right direction, she’s closing the gap and, on one test in particular she got to recruit lots of different strategies and was very close to meeting the bench marks. We wanted to say thank you so much we are so excited and we feel so much more relaxed now as a family.

-CR, parent of MR, 3rd grader, Portland, Oregon, who completed Foundations 1 and is on Level 4, Lesson 4 of Barton Reading System.

Four months ago Sophia was guessing at the vowels. Yesterday she wrote a letter to a friend and all the words were correctly spelled except for “write/right”. We read Harry Potter books 1-4 to her, but now she is reading the fifth book by herself. 6 months ago she was barely reading. She doesn’t know all the words, but her fluency and comprehension are good.

-A.F., Mother of Sophia, age 8, Portland, Or

GirlWell, the last two days have been brilliant – Joey has enthusiastically shared with me how much fun she has had with you… she unsolicitedly told me about games you two were doing and the three-letter words you were playing around with, etc. When we were discussing summer plans yesterday, she was actually disappointed that she didn’t get to see you every week! I’m thrilled beyond thrilled about her excitement – whatever you are doing is engaging her and so pleasing to her. So… THANK YOU!

​-Wendy, mother of Joey, age 9

BoyMarla Resnick has been a blessing to our family! I have two young boys who are 9 and 11, both of which have dyslexia. Mrs. Resnick has turned their world around and has made them confident young boys. We have been working with Mrs. Resnick for almost 4 years and she has graduated my oldest, who is now at grade level and thriving. My youngest still tutors 3 days a week and is making incredible progress! I would highly recommend Marla Resnick to any family that faces learning challenges with their children. I was worried that my children would never catch up to grade level, and that school would remain a frustrating and unfulfilling place for them. Now my children look forward to school – learning, reading and dreaming about a bright future. Not only has Marla Resnick been an amazing tutor, but a very compassionate woman who truly wants to see my kids succeed! Thank you Marla. You are AMAZING!

-Jana, mother of Isaiah & Judah, ages 9 & 11

Boy student at deskMarla takes an interest in her students. Our son looks forward to his one-on-one time with Marla. I have no question that Marla is dedicated to helping our son move forward, and that feeling is priceless. Marla is kind and thoughtful. She has always made are tutoring experience a great one!

-Pauline, mother of Wesley, age 14

Girl with balloonsMarla Resnick has been working with three of our children for the past year. The children love working with her and are eager for her visits. She makes the therapy fun and engaging. As parents, we appreciate the way she listens to our concerns and brainstorms strategies with us. She is a helpful partner in addressing the needs of our children.

-Mark and Susan, Oregon City

Group of childrenMarla Resnick has been my son’s tutor for over a year. In that year his progression has been amazing. She teaches him with encouraging words and always finds ways to praise his attempts. She is very thoughtful about rewarding him when he reaches goals and looks for ways to inspire and engage him based on his interests. Marla also takes the time to answer our questions and keeps us updated of his accomplishments. We are lucky to have her as our tutor!

-Eve, Portland

Boy at computerMy twelve year old/7th grade son has ADD, dyslexia and dysgraphia. He has been doing Fast ForWord for a little over four months now. He has shown great improvements this year in school and with sports. Last year he had C’s and D’s at conference time, and this year he has all A’s and one B going into conferences. He is trying harder, remaining more calm and paying attention better in class. He is even trying harder in sports and wanted to start a skills training to get better at a sport. We are so proud of him and feel so blessed to have found this program for our son.

-Sherri F., Happy Valley, Oregon

Boy at computerMarla is an extremely attentive, caring, and knowledgeable speech language pathologist. After a lifetime of reading difficulties, I went to Marla for testing and was diagnosed with both dyslexia and dysgraphia at the age of 21. The testing process was a very smooth, affordable, and comfortable experience. After being diagnosed, I was able to gain accommodations in the form of extra time and additional breaks on the GRE with Marla’s help. I would recommend Marla to anyone who is having trouble reading and suspects they may have a disability.

-Kevin, age 21